Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Battered & Bruised

Good thing I ran 10 miles yesterday because my parents made delicious Memorial Day food.  Woohoo!
We ate outside because it actually wasn't Swamp A** Sweltering.
Corn on the cob, BBQ ribs, fresh tomatoes from their garden, and delicious fruit.
Plus for dessert my dad made me delicious gingerbread cookies.
I think these should be eaten all year long, why relegate them to just Christmas time?
Then today it was back to work and after that practice.  I realized I have not revealed my double workout life to you all yet.  In addition to running I also play attempt rugby.  I'm not very good, but I have fun and I like the girls and they keep me around (probably because not many grown women are willing to voluntarily let themselves get tackled without squealing like a lunatic).  We practice once a week for about an hour and a half and then have games about twice a month.  It's fun, a great way to meet people, and doesn't cut into my running too much.  However, it also explains why I was super sore all weekend running and don't feel 100% yet today.
Numerous rugby bruises.
After our game Saturday I am discovering more everyday.
I now have to show my students rugby videos at the start of the year so they don't think I'm getting in fights.
However, most adults at my school don't know I play.
I have one little dude who loves to wait until I'm covered in bruises and the principal walks by and then go,
"So how bad did  you beat her up?  You get in lots of fights Ms. L."
I get lots of strange looks then.
P.S.- He is hilarious and feisty.  Love him.
Rugby is also a super dirty sport.  Notice the nice sock line.
Now time for my favorite shower game -
What is a Bruise? vs. What is Dirt?
Gotta scrub hard to find out.
Getting ready to take off after the ball.
2nd place in the tourney.
Very close game, we lost by 1 extra point conversion.
I laid in front just so you all could find me;)
Why I play (even though I stink) - Fabulous People!

After rugby we got a super late start on our run and then Beryl decided she wanted to play.  Between the fact that I had already exercised at practice, it is late and near my bedtime, and raining day 2 wasn't as amazing as day 1.  However, the streak is still alive!

Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 2 = 1.5 miles
Total = 11.5 miles

When I took my hair out post run Beryl had beaten it to a pulp.
Please notice the chunk sticking straight up so high that the picture cuts it off.
This picture, as awful as it is, doesn't even do justice to how epicly ridiculous it was.
80s Mugshot

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